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Our story

(🌈Hippie Chicks Founding Partner, Van & her daughter, India)                               

 The idea behind Hippie Chicks by VAN® started from a problem, a bad experience really.  ☹️

One day, 12 year old India and her Mama went shopping to buy her first bra. India felt a little shy about it, awkward but yet somewhat excited. 

They went to several stores and were disappointed. The few junior or training bras they found, :-

* came in boring colours;

* were miniature versions of adult bras;

* had cups and paddings (really? First bras? Even for the 9 year old age range?),

* were a little too lacey; & 

* were mostly made from very thin cotton material; single layered; & and did NOT provide good support and coverage.  

But India’s nightmare really began at the trying-on stage. A rather loud-voiced sales lady attended to India; roughly placed a tape and started measuring around various parts of India’s upper body. Then, without asking India her colour or design preferences, the sales lady selected a few junior bras, handed them to her & pointed to the fitting room. (Note : most sales persons are fantastic folks, this is an exception....unfortunately for us)

When they left the store, Mama noticed that India had become quiet and was walking a little hunched over. Instantly, Mama was reminded of HER own similar, bad experience many moons ago, when she bought her first training bra. 

It’s been years and still, the choices and experience for these young girls have neither changed nor improved much, if at all.  

So, being the badass that she is, India's Mama started Hippie Chicks by VAN® -- to give each and every one of you rock stars out there an awesome experience because come on, you're important; you're becoming...